Condolesbian Rice

Born on the 14th of November, 1954, Condolesbian Rice, sorry, Condoleezza Rice was thankfully the only child of Angelena and John Rice (could the world handle two mass child killers), who couldn’t possibly have foreseen that their innocent looking child would grow up to be one of the worlds biggest mass murderers of children. In a cruel irony ‘The Kiddy killer’s name, Condoleezza, originates from the Italian word, con dolcezza, which means “with sweetness”, though the name Condoleezza exudes nothing but sourness throughout the middle east, when the surviving mothers and fathers from the American inflicted Iraq holocaust go to cemeteries and lay flowers gently down on their children’s graves.

Angelena Rice with her heartless child.

She had the  devil's eyes and grin, even back then.

Some children grow up to be doctors, and some children grow up to be teachers.

No one could have possibly have forseen that this child would grow up to be one of the world's greatest war criminals and child killers on the planet.


Condolesbian, sorry, Condoleezza’s mother would later die of breast cancer in 1985 (some 31 years too late). And not that anyone cares, but her father John later remarried and passed away in 2000, leaving Condolesbian, sorry, Condoleezza all alone, which may go some way to explaining what a horrible cunt she is, and why she is such a blood thirsty war monger and heartless killing machine(over 30,000 children dead in Iraq).

From afar it would appear that the loss of her parents lives has had a major, seriously fucked-up twisted, impact on her life(perhaps Doctor Phil could try and help her). Instead of dealing with the grief of her losses, Rice seems to have manifested a deep hatred and jealousy of those who have parents. She seems to have made the innocent children of loving, caring families a target of revenge for her abandonment by her deceased parents. And it may also go some way to explaining why she has stayed single, other than her obvious off putting, repulsive physical appearance. Condoleezza is not used to nurturing life, she is used to destroying life. Condoleezza Rice’s heritage and DNA is made up of several beautiful and exotic nationalities and cultures(Asian and African) and one seriously ugly pox ridden one(American). In Australia, if she was a dog(as many people believe), she would be called a mongrel.



But it’s not your fault Connie.
It’s the way that you’re made.
It’s not your fault.
It’s your DNA.